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Cronut in a Can?

In Homemade, Sweets, Taste Tests on July 7, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Could these become cronuts?

The trademarked treats are supposed to taste like fried heaven. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get your hands on one of these $5 sugar bombs unless you wake at dawn and wait in line at the bakery for two hours. Or pay a scalper.”

–Anne Kadet in The Wall Street Journal

I’ve read about the cronut craze and wondered what could possibly be so great about a hunk of fried dough…..so great that people wait in block-long lines and fight with each other.

So great that the creator has trademarked the name.

A name that, by the way, left me cold.  Cronut.  Too much like Cro Magnon man.  Crone. Crows gone wild. Croak.

For years, I’ve made trashy donuts from canned biscuits.  As I saw yet another story about these things, I wondered:

If a cronut was a croissant that’s been friend like a donut, could I make trashy cronuts (or to be safe, perhaps I should say croughnuts) from crescent rolls in a can?

If so, then this whole thing might genuinely amuse me.


Too Sweet, By Half

In Homemade, Sweets, Taste Tests on December 14, 2012 at 12:37 am

Would Jeni’s ice cream be as splendid with half the sugar?

I wrote a while back about making Backyard Mint ice cream as instructed by the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home recipe book.

The results were mixed: I loved the scoopability but didn’t like how sweet it was.

In fact, it was so sweet that I didn’t bother making it again. Or experimenting with it.

I just went back to my old standby recipe, one I liked pretty darned much as it was.

Then a few days ago, I found a comment under the Jeni’s post.

Nadya wrote:

I was just wondering if you’ve tried a version with less sugar since?? I received this book as a gift and have tried two recipes so far. They both have been overwhelmingly sweet for my taste, but i did enjoy the creamy texture. Any luck cutting some of the sugar out?

I wasn’t alone! Someone else found the recipes too sweet. I was finally inspired to try cutting the sugar, to see what happened.

So I pulled out the book, got my hands on some fresh mint, and gave it another go.

Wheatless Pancakes

In Homemade on September 30, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Making a gluten-free pancake with the stuff I had around. First ingredient, potatoes.

After years of mocking the gluten-free craze, I learned recently that my sister has full-on celiac disease.

My sister’s doctor thought she had thyroid cancer.  The problem, it turns out, was gluten. Looking at our family history, it’s likely my grandmother and father had celiac disease, too.

My sister, the cake baker, has had to give up wheat.  If she accidentally eats something with gluten, she gets really sick.  In part to see what she’s up against….and in part to see if I could benefit, I’ve been trying to go wheat free for the last several weeks.  I’m now acting like the picky eaters I’ve been mocking, reading labels to suss out the gluten

Though I feel thinner, I don’t believe that gluten makes me sick.

I hope not. Like most people, I like my breads and cakes and beer.

And pancakes.

This morning, I woke up craving pancakes.  I was on the brink of breaking the wheat fast when it occurred to me I might be able to stir up an alternative.