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In Alaska, Local Flavor on November 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm

Local Flavor

When an Eskimo shaman takes you to lunch, you don’t ask a lot of questions.  So, when we stopped here, somewhere south of Anchorage, I smiled and said politely:  “Wow, I’ve always wanted to have lunch at a liquor store.”

This is Alaska, after all, home of the untamed.  A place where governors shoot wolves from helicopters.  Just the sort of place that would issue hard core souvenirs.


What makes it a double?

Lucky for me (I think), we were not destined to dine at Mary Lou’s….the place was closed.

As was the famed Double Musky Inn.

So the shaman and I trudged on across the early winter snow to Girdwood, arriving at Jack Sprat.


Jack Sprat in Girdwood

What is it about finding a restaurant off the beaten track that somehow makes the whole meal more delightful?

Is it the fear that you may not find food?  The adventure of finding it that makes the meal a bit of a reward?  Does the quest enliven the taste buds?  Is lunch always more delicious when eaten with a shaman?

Jack Sprat is the kind of restaurant I wish were around the corner, actually.  The food is good–well-prepared, interesting but not fussy, generously portioned and gently priced.  I had pecan-encrusted halibut.

Oh, and what did the shaman eat?  A burger and fries, of course.  No, not a moose burger or an elk burger.  Just a burger.  But the fries were yam fries, if that helps meet your expectations in any way.

The atmosphere here is comfortable–clean, colorful, warm and again, totally unfussy–made even more appealing by the laid-back ski village air–big coats, clunky shoes, and static electricity in the hair.

If you find yourself on the Seward Highway, turn away from Turnagain Arm and head into the village of Girdwood to find a cozy spot for a good meal.


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