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Grits and Groceries

In Local Flavor, Restaurant, South Carolina on February 5, 2009 at 10:10 pm

Grits and Groceries near Belton, SC


Stop here and you're there

Mr. Whit DeSpoon and I decided to detour off I-85 toward Belton, South Carolina, in search of  Grits and Groceries.  As Southern mothers are prone to do, Mr. DeSpoon’s mama had recommended this little roadside restaurant after reading about it in Southern Living.

Exiting the interstate, we drove and drove, relying on faith and a rather annoying GPS device to deliver us to the promised land.  Grating though that electronic voice may be, the GPS did direct us to the middle of nowhere–precisely where we needed to be.

G&G Owners Joe and Heidi Trull had successful culinary careers in New Orleans but decided to move closer to home.  They bought a little building at the crossroads of SC 284 and SC 185 and started cooking.

Mr. DeSpoon and I were starving, very nearly irrational from hunger, by the time we found the restaurant and got to the menu.  Since Grits and Groceries closes at 2pm, we were just squeaking in, to boot.


Praline bacon


Fries, Po Boy, French Onion Soup

We ordered randomly–praline bacon (who can resist); the soup special recommended by the waitress (French Onion), the shrimp PoBoy, and a giant side of sweet potato fries.  I followed my lunch with a big dish of homemade ice cream, made with cream and milk from the Happy Cow Creamery over in Pelzer.

The food was good and the place adorable.  I grew up in the country going to real working general stores, so I’m not as easily enamored by this decor as city folk, but it’s well done.  Food-wise we liked the praline bacon and the fries best, the soup and po-boy a little less.  Mr. DeSpoon and I agreed we’d like a shot at dining from the brunch  menu.  It sounded delicious.

So would we recommend this excursion to you?  Mr. DeSpoon will have to speak for himself but I do: the food is good, the service friendly, the atmosphere charming. And nearby Belton is the home of the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame where you can pay homage to players like Fluffy Rice.

Plus getting there makes you feel like you’ve earned a little reward–so see if you can’t give yourself one called praline bacon.  If you don’t want to rely on a GPS, you can find directions here.


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