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Snow City Cafe

In Alaska, Local Flavor, Restaurant on May 1, 2009 at 2:14 am

Snow City Cafe

The first time I had breakfast at Snow City Cafe in Anchorage, it was 9:00 on a November morning and dark as midnight.  This time, I was there earlier–7am–and the light outside was downright noonish.

No matter.  The mood inside Snow City Cafe is always just right.  They do serve lunch here but it’s breakfast I come for–and that they serve all day.


At Snow City, always the perfect time for breakfast

This is the kind of place that makes you think, yeah, I could live here.


Spoon? Or fork?

So what if it gets down to 30 below, if volcanoes spew ash, politicians act a little nutty, and bears roam the city. (Wait, that might have been a man in a full-length fur coat.)  I can stroll on down to the Snow City Cafe, pull on the giant fork and spoon, and open the doors to a breakfast nook in heaven.


Open-armed welcome

I’ll pick up my free weekly tabloid by the front door, have some reindeer sausage with eggs, a ginormous pancake on the side, coffee in a thick-lipped ceramic mug.  Life may be dark, chilly and deadly…that dang-blasted sun may never set…but no worries.   Everything’s going to be fine.

The Snow City Cafe menu offers a wide selection, from traditional American breakfast fare to dishes that scream “Hey, this is Alaska.”  In addition to aforementioned reindeer links, you might also try the Kodiak Benedict, their eggs benedict variation with King crab cakes, or the Sockeye salmon cakes with eggs.


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