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Malva Pudding, Baby

In Georgia, Restaurant, Sweets on August 18, 2009 at 8:41 pm

Baby on Board

Ah, Peachtree City, Georgia–a suburban vision that includes miles of golf cart trails and a dedicated community of golf cart drivers.

Yes, that’s a baby riding shotgun, zooming along to dinner no doubt, as was I, on a variation of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

At least he’s strapped into a cart seat.

I did not know before arriving that Peachtree City was golf cartcentric.  Nor did I realize I’d be sampling South African influenced cuisine.  When my host coasted to a stop in front of the Georgia Shrimp Co., I thought Forrest Gump not Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Turns out the owners of the Georgia Shrimp Co.– Ant and Dee Murphy–are from Durban, South Africa.  So after you have a dish of shrimp and grits, you’d be wise to order Malva Pudding from the dessert menu.  That’s what I was told.  And that’s what I did.


Malva Pudding at Georgia Shrimp Co.

Now, I had no idea what Malva Pudding was when I ordered it.  But the man with the keys to the golf cart insisted.  And I was miles from my hotel room.  So Malva Pudding it was.

Next time you’re in Peachtree City, cartjack an electric vehicle and do the same.

This dessert was moist and gingerbread-like but without the soapy bite of ginger.  There was cream on the side for dipping, a caramel-like drizzle over the whole wedge.  It was delicious.  Fantastic.  My new favorite dessert and, miracle, there was no chocolate involved.

As soon as I could unclench my hands from the golf cart roll bar and regain access to my laptop, I googled Malva Pudding.

Here’s what I learned.  Malva Pudding is a cake-ish thing of Dutch origins and a staple of South African dessert menus.  The flavor I couldn’t quite figure out was apricot jam.  And Oprah’s chef made it to celebrate the first Christmas for the girls at her school.  Here’s another recipe and some background from a South African blogger.


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