Olivia Dish

Fried Chicken Two Ways

In Homemade, Restaurant, South Carolina on September 2, 2009 at 1:34 am

They call this a snack?


Dizzy makes gravy

It’s hard to beat homemade fried chicken cooked by a master, which my friend Dizzy Frummunger happens to be.  Like my grandma, Diz uses the slow-fry-not-too-much-oil approach.  He soaks the chicken in buttermilk, rolls it in White Lily, and fries it in a cast iron skillet.  After, he makes milk gravy with the crunchy bits.

You may never get to sample Frummunger fried chicken.  I’m lucky to get it once a year.

So here’s where Zesto comes in.

At Zesto, you don’t have to wait for an invitation and the fried chicken is darned good.  I’ve heard that Zesto brines their chicken, one of the reasons it’s so moist.  In this case, I don’t ask questions.  I just order and enjoy.

As if the chicken weren’t delicious enough, it’s also cheap.  And if you’ve got the tummy space, you can top it off with a chocolate soft serve cone dipped in chocolate.  That’s something even Dizzy Frummunger can’t offer.


Zesto on Forest Drive, Columbia

Now, for a little Zesto confession.  Don’t read this if you’re a squeamish eater.  When I order a two piece snack, leg and thigh, I usually pull the crispy skin off the thigh, split the repugnant white dinner roll, and make a fried chicken skin sandwich.  I’d rather have this, actually, than dessert.

I can’t take credit for inventing this delicacy.  I got the idea from no less than a Food Network star who used to work in the kitchen at Pop’s, a Durham NC restaurant.  Pop’s was a frequent destination for patients in Durham for the Rice Diet.  The rice dieters would ask for chicken without the skin.  At the end of the night, there’d be a pile of chicken skin in Pop’s kitchen, so they’d fry it up and make sandwiches. Thank you, rice dieters…I think.


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