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Better Than Pancakes?

In Homemade, Local Flavor, South Carolina on April 17, 2010 at 8:06 am
Anson Mills Oatmeal

Anson Mills Oats!

Despite what my mother is always telling me, I do not think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I don’t eat it from a sense of duty—but for delight! I love French toast, bacon, sausage, waffles, eggs, corned beef hash, toast and pancakes. Dear, dear pancakes.

Once upon a time, someone nicknamed me Short Stack, because I seemed incapable of ordering breakfast without a short stack on the side.

Lately, I seem incapable of imagining breakfast without oatmeal.  This morning I walked into my kitchen and chose to make oatmeal OVER pancakes.  What is going on?

Quite simply, Anson Mills stone cut oats.

These are not the rolled and steamed flat oats pimped by a Quaker.  These are more of the pinhead variety—but they cook quickly and taste toasty-nutty.

Anson Mills has a way of making the grains you take for granted taste spectacular, which shows what careful attention can do.

Anson Mills oats

Breakfast in minutes...

Grits, rice—get them from Anson Mills and they aren’t a vehicle for gravy or sauce—they have flavor all by their lonesome.

I make my Anson Mills oatmeal this way:  one cup liquid (half milk, half water), one-third cup of oats, pinch of salt.  Bring to boil, simmer for a couple of minutes, put the lid on and wait about 7-10 minutes more.

I’m grateful to Glenn Roberts for all the good grains from Anson Mills—and for giving me something from South Carolina to be proud of, too.  When I visit food-loving friends in San Francisco, they don’t want to talk about the love Guv.  They don’t mock me by yelling “You lie!”

Anson Mills oatmeal

The new short stack

They want to know about Anson Mills grits, Carolina Gold rice, and whether I brought them some.

I get my oats from the All-Local Farmers’ Market in Columbia.  You can also find them at Rosewood Market in Columbia—or at Anson Mills online.


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