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Perfect Strawberry Sherbet

In Homemade, Local Flavor, Sweets on June 11, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Get me a Biore pore strip–those seeds have got to go!

I hate the seeds on the outside of strawberries.

I always wish I could use one of those pore cleansing strips and rip them off.

And when I’ve made ice cream with the seedy things, not only have I despised the texture but I’ve always found the taste to be a sort of cloying sick-sweet.  Maybe I’ve had too much medicine in my life that tasted of strawberries.

You might wonder why I bothered, then, to make my own strawberry sherbet.

I’m not sure.

I kept watching other people at the farmers’ market buy fresh local strawberries.  They were so durned happy about it.  I wanted some of that happy for myself, I guess.

So, I systematically (well sort of systematically and sort of haphazardly) started to address the things that make me go ick.

Step 1: seed removal.  I wanted to use fresh strawberries, not cook them, so I macerated a batch in a little brown sugar and pureed them in the food processor.  I strained the whole mess through fine mesh and extracted their thick, juicy, seedless essence.

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The Devil’s Pancakes

In Bacon Grease, Homemade on June 10, 2012 at 11:03 am

Cornmeal and whey pancake in my trusty cast iron skillet.

Coming up with a recipe for the best pancakes of your life isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Unfortunately, I realized this a little too late.

To resist the mighty temptation of pancakes every day, I’ve had to institute limits for myself.

You might want to think how you’ll  control yourself, if you’re going to read on and give these a try.

My favorite pancake recipe of all time is a fairly recent invention, inspired by a few of my other food-related passions–finding a use for leftovers, making my own cheese, and seeking out something more interesting than white flour for making bread stuff.

This latest concoction uses cornmeal and whole wheat flour, bacon drippings, and whey left from making goat cheese.

The result is a pancake so flavorful, so tender, you could skip the butter and maple syrup.

I don’t.  But you could.

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