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1 Day, 3 Meals: Denver

In Denver, Local Flavor, Restaurant on October 24, 2009 at 11:54 am
Most Important Meal?

Most Important Meal?

I can’t say it was exactly pleasant to fall into bed feeling like a stuffed turkey, but when life delivers you three good meals in a single day, what can you do?

In downtown Denver for work, I happened across The Delectable Egg, which proclaims itself a local institution.  They serve breakfast the way most of us like it–a large menu of the usual items, cheerful service, plenty of coffee, and food that was not out of this world but plenty good.  My corned beef hash and poached eggs were tasty.  Only the potatoes were lackluster.

I know some people don’t get grits.  Well, I don’t get rubbery potato cubes, fried and dusted with some orange spice that vaguely resembles paprika.

Actually, it was a good thing I didn’t care for the potatoes.  I had too much food to eat as it was.  And unbeknown to me at that early hour, a day of big eating was just getting started.

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